NasalityInterpret V2009


(Beddor, Bell-Berti, Benguerel, Clumeck,Ohala, Vaissière, to cite a few), Ph. D. dissertations about nasality (Amelot, Cohn,Delvaux, Krakow, and Rossato)


EMG large anticipation 2 (activity of levator palatini), fibroscopy 1


  • LP declines before the nasal and the next utterance
  • LP declines for at the beginning until the middle of the vowel * Note that EMG happens before the movement of velum, which in turn happens before the opening of VP port.

*Nasograph, good tool for mesuring VP opening

EMA less anticipation than fiberscope (ICP Grenoble)

Overestimation can be due to CVC where V has a intrinsically lower velum (bell-berti 1991).


aerodynamic, carryover 2

acoustic-perceptual targets (ATP) V2012

##why ATP?

Articulation, articulatory system has compensatory capacities. No precise place of articulation from the production point of view for the vowels, see X-ray data  (the lips, the jaw, the tongue and, the larynx) [3, 4]. Also see the block and bite experiment.

Perception, listeners from different native languages show different phoneme identification and goodness ratings when exposed to the same stimulus stimuli [2]

##ATP for what?

Cardinal vowels, put forward by DJ  [1] 8 primary i e E a A u o O and 10 secondary  the first 8 secondary = rounded/unrounded He also suggests French vowels and the closest.

five primary CVs were derived as ‘auditorily equidistant’ between three ‘corner’ vowels’ i u A

Problem: Labels are primarily acoustic or perceptual [5], and not articulatory.

##Discrepancies in real life?

DJ, PL and Fr. (from Calliope?)

dj pl and fr


goldendict dicts

some nice pronunciation dict for lazy people, for more info check [here](


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